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Lunaludus Scribex
Recent Entries 
11th-Jul-2018 10:25 pm - It's up
Chapter XVI has been uploaded to FFN, and should be available shortly.
10th-Jul-2018 03:19 am - Random P5A thought
Is it just me, or is Hifumi getting the Sacchin treatment?

Just something that's stood out to me.

And, on a completely unrelated note:

9th-Jul-2018 10:45 pm - Final stretch
Beta feedback has been received, and I'm beginning my final proofreads.

If all goes well, the chapter should be released (FINALLY :P) sometime this week.

Today's story: Anything Goes Game Changer (Ranma/Sekirei)
5th-Jul-2018 05:00 am - Ugh.
Lately, it seems like I either get 4 hours of sleep in a night, or 10. Nothing in between.

I'm pretty sure this isn't healthy. I know for a fact it's fucked up almost every routine I have.

...Meh. What can you do? :P

Today's story: Service with a Smile (RWBY)
1st-Jul-2018 09:17 pm - FINALLY
The World Without Chapter XVI is now in beta distribution.
29th-Jun-2018 04:20 am - On the verge
One scene to go. Assuming my computer doesn't crap out on me (though with the way it's been behaving the last few days, that's a 50-50 proposition :P) the chapter should be in beta distribution by Sunday.

So, with that in mind, here are a few final previews:

Behind the cut we goCollapse )

The chapter looks to be roughly 12-13K words. Probably not going to be out by the 4th like I'd thought, but it shouldn't be too much longer than that.

(Again, assuming my computer stops acting like a schizophrenic !#$%#@$#$#$%#. :P With the way it's been slowing down and stalling lately, I'm seriously thinking about either taking it to the shop, or just biting the bullet and replacing it...)

Today's story: It's Secret To Everyone (Persona 5)
22nd-Jun-2018 02:43 am - ...How did I not see this before?
Akechi Goro is Setzer Fucking Gabbiani in high school. :P

The P5 fandom really is that fucked up.

Today's story: Growing Strong (Naruto/Harry Potter)
17th-Jun-2018 05:10 pm - Almost there
A little more than two scenes to go, and they should both be easy ones.

I would say about a week to go, but I work next Saturday (shift starting at ARE-YOU-FUCKING-KIDDING-ME A.M. :P) and that always plays havoc with my schedule in the days leading into and out of the weekend. Still, hopefully it will be in beta distribution sometime the following week, and with any luck, I'll be able to release the chapter before Independence Day.

And once that's done, we'll see what kind of pace I can set for myself, now that I know exactly what I'm doing with the rest of the story.

Today's story: Soul Scars (Harry Potter)
10th-Jun-2018 05:02 am - Well...that escalated quickly

Today's story: Dust and Motes (RWBY/Dresden Files)

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